Where can I enroll in a course?

In our office: Raum 024 - 025, Hardenbergstr.36, 10623 Berlin.


Can I enroll by telephone or via e-mail?

Unfortunately not, because the cost of the course must be paid with a German bank card (EC-Karte) in our office. The registration is only valid upon payment.


When can I enroll?

If you need a placement test (see "Placement Test" below), you will have to come at the time that has been specified for that language. You can find the times for all languages here.


If you don't require a placement test you can come at any time during the registration period.


Do I have to enroll in person?

If you don't require a placement test (see "Placement Test" below), another person can enroll you in a course and pay for you.


What do I need to bring to registration?

A German bank card (EC-Karte)* and your student card, university employee card, or TU Berlin alumni card. (* In exceptional cases the fee can be paid in cash.)


I'm not a student at the TU. Can I take part in a course in the SKB?

Our courses are open to students from all over world, employees of all major Berlin universities, and alumni of the TU Berlin.


Who is eligible for the reduced course fee?

The reduced course fee is only for students.


Will the courses fill up quickly?

That depends on the language and the level. If you want to attend a beginner's course in a popular language like German, Turkish, Spanish, English or French, you should should try to come to registration as soon as possilble.


When is my registration completed?

Your registation in a course is only valid when the course has been paid in full.


Placement tests


Do I need an appointment to take a placement test?
No, you don't need an appointment. Simply come to our office during the time allocated for the language in question.


Who needs to take a placement test?

You need to take a placement test if

a) you are not a complete beginner in the language and haven't taken any SKB courses, or
b) your last SKB course in the language was over one semester ago, or
c) you want to enroll in a beginner's (A1.1) course in German or English, or
d) you want to register for a Chinese course (other than A1.1).


Who does NOT need to take a placement test?

You do not need to take a placement test if

a) you took part in an SKB course not longer than two semester ago and want to enroll in the next level, or
b) you want to register for a complete beginner's course (A1.1), other than German and English - for these languages all potential course participants must take a placement test.


When can I take a placement test?

You can only take a placement test when a member of the language group of the language you wish to study is present. You can find the individual times for each language here. You can register for the course directly after taking the test, i.e., you don't need to come to the office twice.


How long does a placement test take? Does it take three hours?

No, the times indicated show the times in which someone is present to help you take the test. The test itself takes about 30 minutes. Delays may occur on some days, especially during the first days of registration. We therefore recommend that you be at the office no later than one hour before the end of a particular language registration session.


I have language certificates from other schools/institutions. Do I still need to take a placement test?

Yes, in this case you still need to take a test. Each institute has its own methods of teaching and testing, and we therefore can't tell from your certificate which of our courses would be most appropriate for you.



It turns out I can not take part in the course. Can I get the money back?

The withdrawal from a course is only possible till the end of the registration period (per phone, personal or per e-mail). In this case we keep 15 EUR service fee.

If the course period has already started, withdrawal is not possible.

Exception: If you are sick throughout the whole course period and you submit a certificate about your illness, we will do our best to find a solution for you. (possibly another course in another course period).