27.6.2017 | Silvio Talamo und seine Gitarre ~ Silvio Talamo and his guitar


The musical work by Silvio Talamo combines the figure of the singer and songwriter with gipsy music, reggae, and a grammelot singing that opens up to the vocal performance. Melody, guitar, text, rhythm and scat are the elements of his original synthesis.


This event begins at 7:30 p.m. with a language table about music in Italian (suitable for all language skill levels). The concert will begin around 8:30. 


When? 27 June 2017, 7:30 p.m.


Where? Technical University of Berlin, FH building, Room 302



The event is open for everyone and the entrance is for free, so we expect you with all your friends and family!


11.07.2017 | Hoch Deukisch im Hausnummer Null - High German-Turkish in Building No. 0


Deukisch - German-Turkish

from Gastarbeiter-German to Kanak Sprak to Kiezdeutsch (neighborhood German)

Ischwöre lan, wallah! Maaschallah, sehr schön, sehr schön! Krass lan! Iftara haben wir noch fünf Stunden. Hadi Tschüss!
The book "Deukisch" tries to tell the story of the language development of German-Turks visually.


Hoch und Unter (Up and down)

Eine visuelle Reise durch die (Berlinerische) Sprache
(A visual journey through the Berlin language)
Wie spricht die Stadt? Hoch und Unter…
(How does the city speak? Up and down.)
That was the Berlin language, and it had nothing to do with the language you had learned in German courses. The U-Bahn stations and the Berlin language aroused my curiosity. This curiosity is the reason that this book became a reality.


Hausnummer Null (Building No. 0)

Über Nacht gebaut: Gecekondu (built overnight: [a Turkish word for such a house])
How can one live a more alternative lifestyle? How does one shape where one lives? What kind of relationship is there between me, my background, and the way I live? What would it be like if one could build one's own house? With this project, I have tried to answer these questions visually. My starting point for the visualization of the project is Osman Kalin and his treehouse Gecekondu on the wall in Kreuzberg.


The event starts at 6:30 p.m. with a short Turkish course to give participants a feeling for the language. At 7:00 the presentation of the book "Deukisch" (German-Turkish) will begin. The book "Hoch und Unter: Eine visuelle Reise durch die (berlinerische) Sprache" will be presented at 7:20, and at 7:40 the presentation of the project "Hausnummer Null: Über Nacht gebaut: Gecekondu" will start.



When? 11 July 2017 at 6:30 p.m.


Where? Trude Ruth & Goldammer


Flughafenstr. 38

12053 Berlin



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