Welcome to the Sprach- und Kulturbörse  

of the TU Berlin


What is the SKB?

You can read more about our project here.


The Sprach- und Kulturbörse is turning 30!


Dear SKB students, dear former SKB members and dear friends of the SKB,

the Sprach- und Kulturbörse is turning 30!


In the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Sprach- und Kulturbörse we warmly invite you to our celebration.


Where? In the courtyard of the TU (Straße des 17. Juni 135, 10623 Berlin)

When? On the 18.10.2019 at 16:00

What? Welcome from the SKB and TU – SKB performance – exhibition „30 years of SKB“

Afterwards reception with SKB-delicacy and champagne!

We are planning a party with music after the official program, more information will follow.


The Sprach- und Kulturbörse at the International Week!


The Sprach- und Kulturbörse is participating at the International Week. The lecture "Stein aber kein bloßer Stein - Über Kontext und Kodierung, damit wir eine andere Kultur tiefer verstehen können" ("A stone but no bare stone - About context and coding for a deeper undestanding of ther cultures) from Ichiro Murata (Japan) will take place on the 18/4/19 at 14h in room H3005 in the main building of the TU Berlin. The entrance is free and everybody is warly invited!

Straße des 17. Juni 135, 10623 Berlin



We supported the TVStud initiative in 2018

Between 2001 and 2018, the wages of student employees in Berlin’s tertiary education system stagnated. Beginning in 2016, they sought negotiations with the institutions and also struck for their demands. In summer 2018 the institutions gave in. The SKB supported the student employees’ initiative.


A related project | The "Learning workshop"

Do you already know the "Lernwerkstatt" (learning workshop)? It is a place in which people learn creatively and self-determined as a group. The project of one of our members is currently seeking "Lernbegleiter*innen", i.e. people who would like to share their knowledge and abilities with others as volunteerss It is possible to organize a theme evening, offer workshops, regular discussion groups or study groups. The target audience is everyone who wants to learn, no matter what their age.

Currently the Lernwerkstatt is looking for people who would like to offer a cultural evening in which they provide a little insight into their language, culture and country. This series of evenings will take place in July and August on Saturday afternoons.

If you are interested, get in contact with www.die-lernwerkstatt.org!