after the halle murders - two perspectives from the skb

We won’t remain silent We need a different society

On Wednesday, October 9th, on Yom Kippur, the day of the Jewish Day of Atonement, we once again witnessed hideous manifestations of racism and anti-Semitism in Germany. We wish to express our horror and our rejection of racist violence. Any ideology that excludes people on the basis of their origin, faith, gender identity or sexual orientation, that discriminates against them and that justifies the use of violence is based on the assumption that these people are inferior. We are vehemently opposed to this! We of the Sprach- und Kulturbörse choose not to remain silent; instead we call for tolerance and the acceptance of all human beings. We mourn with the victims and those close to them, and stand in solidarity with all people affected by violence and discrimination. Racism, antisemitism, sexism, homophobia, transophobia, ableism, classism and all the other ugly isms have no place in this world.


Several members of the SKB, 18.10.19

On Wednesday, October 9, on Yom Kippur, two people were horribly murdered in the Paulus district in Halle. Dressed in military fatigues and bearing an automatic weapon and a head camera broadcasting live via the internet, the murderer had attempted to enter the synagogue in Humboldtstraße. There about 51 people were celebrating the Jewish Day of Atonement. After unsuccessful attempts to enter the synagogue, he shot and killed a woman who had spoken to him on the street and a man on his lunch break who had entered a kebab shop.


The murderer announced his attack in advance and described his motives. They came directly from the scripts of right-wing extremism: birth rates "in the West" are declining, for which he laid the blame firstly on "feminism" and ultimately on "the Jew".


The invocation of the idea of a "Great Replacement", spread by fascist groups, shows that these murders were not isolated acts of madness. In our view they cannot simply be explained by lax gun laws or the latest developments in the gamer scene.


Rather, the violence of 9 October belongs among all those insults, threats and acts of violence experienced by discriminated people on a daily basis and intended to make them afraid. Ultimately, they are the effects of a broad intimidatory front, which includes right-wing extremist groups, sympathizing milieus within the state apparatus itself ("NSU 2.0"), the parliamentary AfD, with which nobody supposedly wants to cooperate, right up to the European border regime - itself supported by the parties of the alleged centre - which banishes people to camps or leaves them to die in the Mediterranean.


We agree with Max Czollek: that what we’re witnessing today are not merely warning signals; that this is already the “storm we warned you about”. And that “after the Shoah it’s not enough to provide a few security cameras and reinforced doors so that things don't repeat themselves. What we need is a different.”


Einige Mitglieder der SKB, 18.10.19