You can register online through our registration website. You can find the link for on our website during the registration period. Please note that the link is only available in the registration phase and is deactivated afterwards.


Direct Registration without a Placement Test

If you have completed a class at the SKB within the last two semesters and have a certificate or if you are enrolling in a beginner course Level A1.1* you can directly register online at any time during the registration period.


You can to register for a course on our registration website.

Note: The website is only available during the registration period. You can find the link on our homepage.


Registration and a Placement Test

If you already have some knowledge of the language but you have never taken a course at the SKB or you would like to speak with one of the teachers from the language you are interested in, then you have to sign up for a placement test. 


You can to register for a placement test on our registration website.



It turns out I can not take part in the course. Can I get the money back?

The withdrawal from a course is only possible till the end of the registration period. In this case we keep 15 EUR service fee.

If the course period has already started, withdrawal is not possible.

Exception: If you are sick throughout the whole course period and you submit a certificate about your illness, we will do our best to find a solution for you. (possibly another course in another course period).