Tag der offenen Tür (27.03.2015)


Like the name says, we opened our doors to show everyone who's interested that at the SKB you can do more than just learn languages: you can spend a lot of time with us having fun with other activities.


Since our office is much too small for the flood of the culturally interested as well as those who love to dance and party, we borrowed EB 104, in which engineers normally set up their large drawing tables and study till smoke comes out of their ears, and turned it into an intercultural meeting, full of music and dancing.


Those whose heads weren't already filled up with topics such as work, classes, or the many languages that the average person has to speak nowadays, could take part in several trial language classes over the course of the afternoon, picking up initial useful sentences and basic conversation in Bulgarian, Japanese, Malagasy and Russian. For everyone who could already say more than "Hello, how are you?" in a foreign language, language tables were set up for Chinese, English, Greek, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. There, discussions were held with our language teachers in their native tongues about such topics as politics or literature. Everyone succeeded to express themselves in this demanding exchange even despite the Irish Coffee Happy Hour in the late afternoon.


The team from i-Café dedicated themselves to the satisfaction of our taste buds throughout the day and into the early morning hours. The group normally provides for the physical well-being of the visitors to their student-run café at Fraunhofer Str. 33-36, seemingly around the clock. Thus at the "Day of the Open Door" it was ensured that no one was parched, and everyone was provided with vegetarian and vegan food that laid a good foundation for the beer that followed.


As of 8 p.m., the time of mental strain for our language centers was over. The switch was set to "laughing, dancing, and celebrating".


To this purpose, starting at 8:30 p.m., poetry slammers Max Gebhard, Juston Buße, Marvin Weinstein, and Pauline Cebulla regaled us with their effusions. They bravely stood up to the challenge of convincing an audience of almost 100 of their abilities without a microphone.


Next, the audience's ears were treated to live music from "Her Golden Whip". The mix of  Balkan, Klezmer, Rock 'n' Roll, Ska, Folk, Punk and Reggae yanked everyone from their seats. This unusual musical mix made the listeners jump up, to the right, to the left – whatever direction. They simply couldn't stay on their chairs and sofas!


The tireless dancers didn't return to their seats for the rest of the night, because at midnight DJ Nilo MC started laying down tracks of great variety. The volume brought people who hadn't heard about our event to EB 104. They thought, "Cool, something's going on in EB today", and they boldly joined the crowd.


Around 5 a.m., the last revelers headed slowly - but hopefully contentedly - home. At the end of the entertaining and festive day, only the core of the SKB remained, tired but satisfied, transforming the party location back into a place of learning.


ExpoLingua Berlin 2014 (21. & 22.11.2014)

On the 21st and 22nd of November 2014 the SKB presented itself at EXPOLINGUA in the  Russian House of Science and Culture in Berlin.


EXPOLINGUA is an international fair for languages and cultures. Next to offers for language-learning trips, evening classes, student exchanges and apps for learning languages, the SKB was also represented. We probably had the smallest stand - but the largest number of languages offered!


Our stand was not only attractive to visitors for the pens and gummy bears, but also for the competent and friendly consultation provided by our charming colleagues.They advised interested parties about our diverse language offer and upcoming cultural events.
In addition, our colleague Hatice Metin was able to help many visitors improve their knowledge of her native language Turkish in an interactive mini course.