SKB 5 Learn a language 5 Fees and conditions

Fees and conditions

Who is our programme aimed at?

The following groups of people can participate in our language courses:

  • Students from all over the world (proof by a student ID)
  • Alumn@ of the TU Berlin
  • Employees of the Berlin universities and other higher education institutes

When registering for a language course, you will have to provide a suitable document proving that you belong to one of these three groups. (e.g. student ID, matriculation certificate, employee ID, alumni certificate).

All other language courses (private lessons, language tandems) as well as our cultural initiatives (Multicultural Café, anyone interested.

How much do the language courses cost?

The course fees depends on the number of lesson units. One lesson unit is equal to 45 minutes.

Lesson units
(45 minutes each)
Price for students Price for non-students
(TU alumni, university employees)
20h 57,- 79,-
30h 76,- 106,-
40h 95,- 132,-
50h 114,- 158,-
60h 132,- 182,-
80h 166,- 230,-


Special offer for German A1.1 courses

If you attend an A1.1 German course with us, we will give you 10 lessons for free. This means, for example, if you book an A1.1 course with 60 lessons, you only pay for 50 lessons. The special offer is valid for students and non-students.

A 60-hour German A1.1 course costs 114,- (instead of 132,-) for students and 158,- (instead of 182,-) for non-students.

How does registration to and payment for courses work?

We offer language courses twice a semester: Semester-long courses during the winter and summer semesters and (semi-)intensive courses during the winter and summer semester breaks. You can register for a course about 2-3 weeks before it starts. This registration period is also called enrollment at SKB.

Here you can find the dates for our language courses and course registration.

To register for a course, you must pay the course fee with a bank transfer. We will provide you with the account information when you register. Unfortunately, no other payment methods are possible at the moment.

Important: The registration is only complete when your payment has arrived on our TU bank account. A reservation for a spot in a language course without payment isn't possible!

Can I withdraw from a course I've booked?

If you have already registered and paid for a course, but then decide not to participate, you have the possibility to withdraw from the course.

However, a withdrawal is only possible within the registration period (= enrollment period). This means that you have to inform us of your wish to withdraw in writing (via e-mail or cancellation button in the user account) by the last day of the enrollment period at the latest. You will then be refunded the course fee you paid minus an administrative fee of 15,- Euro.

Is the course material included in the course fee?

Each SKB teacher decides individually which material they will use in their course. If a certain book or material is used in the course, it could be that you have to buy this for the course. If the course requires additional material, it is always mentioned in the course description. You will already know which extra costs might arise when you register.

How big are the language classes?

Our courses have between 4 and a maximum of 14 participants.

What happens if a course cannot take place?

Our courses have a minimum number of participants, usually four or five people. To teach a course with less participants would entail an unsustainable financial loss. This means that if fewer people than the minimum register for a course, unfortunately the course can't take place.

The teacher then tries to find alternatives, for example by combining two similar course levels in one course. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. If a course cannot take place, we will inform you in good time and of course refund your complete course fee.

If, for example, a course does not take place or only takes place partially due to illness of the teacher, we will also refund the fee for the cancelled course dates.

Any questions?

On our FAQ page you will find frequently asked questions with answers. We will of course be happy to answer any further questions you may have. Just write us an Email.

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