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Cultural Café

Do you feel like talking to people from all over the world, celebrating together and experiencing culture in a relaxed atmosphere? Then visit our Kulturcafé events.

The Kulturcafé is the stage for the Language and Culture Exchange and offers a platform for artists from all over the world and from a wide variety of backgrounds: there are concerts, readings, lectures, plays, film evenings and workshops.

And at least once a semester, the Kulturcafé invites all course participants and course instructors to the big SKB party.

Events this semester

Spielabend auf Italienisch: NOTTE TABOO

Spielabend auf Italienisch: NOTTE TABOO

Learn new words with the game of forbidden words! Can you describe a cappuccino without saying the word ...
„Dance and connect“: Mai bis September

„Dance and connect“: Mai bis September

When you think couple dance you think complicated steps? We say: Dance isn’t about impressing anyone. We dance
Theaterworkshop: “Kündigungsblumen – Theater der Unterdrückten”

Theaterworkshop: “Kündigungsblumen – Theater der Unterdrückten”

Woran erkannt man Klassismus im Alltag? Und in Vorstellungsgesprächen? Du bist der/die Erste, der in deiner ...

Depending on the topic, the events take place at changing locations (at the university, in a bar, outside, ...). Like the SKB itself, the events are often multilingual. Mostly they are moderated in German or English and one other language.

Everyone is welcome! Participation is mostly free of charge. Registration is not necessary.

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Do you have an idea for an event that we should organize? Maybe you are an artist, cultural worker or activist yourself and would like to collaborate with the SKB? Or maybe you know of a great place in Berlin that can be rented at a reasonable price? Then write us an e-mail! We are looking forward to hearing your ideas.

Events in the past years

Pen&Paper Roleplay
Coffee & Conversation in Spanish and German.
Semester graduation party
Positive Communication
Syrian, Tunisian, Musical
chocolate path
World trip as a cost-cutting measure
La comedia all'italiana
Two wheels are enough
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